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Delicious, Fast, Fresh Asian Food


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Great Asian-led street food served in a convenient healthy way.

Our dedicated team of chefs have put together a great range of authentic Asian dishes with something for everyone.



Chow Asian Kitchen –
delicious, fast, Asian food served in a convenient way!


Chow squirlThe fans of Japanese food can enjoy dishes like Katsu Curry, Sweet Chili Teriyaki and our Fresh Sushi & Udon based soups while those that like a bit more spice can choose from a range of great Thai and Malaysian dishes like our Red or Green Thai Curries or Chicken Panang. Vegetarians are well catered for with both main meal and Udon soup options being available every day.

All main meals are served with freshly cooked complementary rice or noodles. We also offer a wide range of side dishes including Vegetable and Chicken Gyoza, Ebi Prawns and Yakatori Chicken Skewers.

A full menu listing is detailed in our menu.

We’ve picked dishes that we really like and our customers have told us they enjoy, but if there is something you think would be a great addition please let us know as we will be doing specials and testing new dishes which are often the result of customer feedback.

At Chow Asian Kitchen we strive to offer healthy freshly made food with something for everyone from salads to sushi and our authentic Asian Hot Meal dishes. Come and enjoy the taste of Asia and let us know if we have met your expectations by leaving us feedback.

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  • Delicious chicken satay on skewers





Hot Main Dishes


SWEET & SOUR CHICKEN  ————————————–  £5.99

Popular dish. Pieces of Chicken with pineapple, red pepper and carrots.

RED THAI CHICKEN  ———————————————–  £5.99

Our chefs Red Thai curry paste recipe with lemongrass and coconut milk.

GREEN THAI CHICKEN  ——————————————  £5.99

Green Thai curry paste lemongrass & coconut milk. A little spicier than the red.

PANANG CHICKEN  ————————————————  £5.99

Chicken pieces with authentic Thai recipe with Panang curry paste, lime leaves and fish sauce.

SPICY SESAME CHICKEN  —————————————  £5.99

Chicken with toasted sesame, shallots, soy and a good helping of chilli.


Classic dish. Chicken cooked in a sweet soy sauce, with a hint of ginger and spice.

RED THAI VEGETABLE (v)  ————————————–  £5.45

Red Thai curry paste, lemon grass, coconut milk, peppers, onion and vegetables.

KATSU CURRY  ——————————————————  £5.99

Chicken breast golden fried in breadcrumbs and generously topped with curry sauce.



VEG SPRING ROLLS  ———————————————-  £1.99

Filled with spring onions, carrot and coriander wrapped in a crispy pastry.

DUCK SPRING ROLLS  ——————————————-  £2.29

Shredded Duck with onions, carrot and coriander wrapped in a crispy pastry.

EBI/PANKO PRAWNS  ——————————————–  £1.49

Large crispy fried breaded prawn.

KATSU (1 PIECE)  ————————————————–  £1.99

Japanese version of fried chicken. Marinated in ginger, garlic and soy sauce.

CHICKEN AND VEG GYOZA  ————————————  £1.99

Perfect pan-fried Japanese dumpling.




CHICKEN UDON  ———————————————-  £5.49

Thick udon noodles, chicken, vegetables and a miso based soup.

DUMPLING UDON (v)  —————————————-  £5.49

Thick udon noodles, vegetable Gyoza dumpling, vegetables and a miso based soup.

Sushi and Cold Sides


EDAMAME SNACK POT (v) ————————————–  £1.99



OMEGA SUSHI SMALL BOX ————————————  £3.99

AKI SUSHI SMALL BOX ——————————————  £3.99

BIG BOY TRAY LARGE BOX ————————————-  £8.99

PRAWN CRACKERS (v) ——————————————-  £1.49

Also available: white rice, brown rice, noodles, a range of cold drinks; Diet Coke, Dr Pepper, Fanta, Sprite, Monster Energy, Fruitshoot apple & blackcurrant, smoothie super antioxidant, Oasis, fresh orange juice, SOBE Tropical Twist, water, and hot drinks; regular tea, Americano.



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